Robin & Stephanie

Wedding The Loft A’DAM Tower

‘What a nice job you have, always party and happy people!’ That’s what we often hear. And normally that’s absolutely right. But sometimes it’s not just a celebration, as with Stephanie and Robin.

Two days before Steef and Robin get married in Amsterdam, we get a phone call. It is the master of ceremonies who informs us that Robin’s father has died suddenly. Silence. She explains that family and friends decided to go ahead with the wedding though, because Robin’s father would have wanted it that way.

An unprecedentedly courageous decision. Their wedding will be different than they imagined beforehand, and with it they also embrace the loss. But where there is much sorrow, there is also much  love. And high above, in the A’dam Tower that overlooks the city flauntingly, love prevailed on their special wedding day.

For us as photographers, it did feel exciting: what would it be like to capture this day and how could we do justice to this mix of emotions with the images?

On the day itself, we sensed from the first moment that it was going to be all right. Laurette started with Robin and Marvin with Stephanie. It was indescribable how beautifully everyone managed to find a mix in all the emotions. From raw sadness to the most beautiful happiness of love, it was all allowed to be there. We too were completely included in the day and allowed to capture everything.

It was a flow we were in for twelve hours and then came back from with full memory cards filled with precious moments, creative angles and visual gems.

Stephanie and Robin sent us these warm words:
Wow, Marvin and Laurette! We have no words for how beautiful we think the photos are. It touches us greatly, especially after last week! They capture everything narratively full of emotion and laughter. We are extremely happy with it!

We hope that you will want to capture many more of our life moments and we will continue to do big fat word of mouth advertising, because you are so good and recommended to everyone!

Dear Stephanie and Robin, thank you for your trust in us. And of course we are going to see each other a lot more!

Wedding the loft A’dam tower

Locatie: A’DAM Toren Amsterdam
Planning: A’DAM Events

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