Sanne & Florian

Wedding photography Rijk van de Keizer

As photographers, we always look for the different little stories on the day: a touch, a touched day guest, the hug after a moving speech. At Florian and Sanne’s wedding, it was especially challenging not to miss anything. Because this wedding was so full of sweet, touching and beautiful moments that I was totally turned on and the moments just kept coming :).

Both Sanne and Florian missed their mothers on the day, but they were honored in a wonderful way. Of course through the photos on the wall during Sanne’s preparations, but also through the beautiful ceremony led by the couple’s fathers. Personally, I was most touched by a speech by Florian’s aunt; one of those that, as a photographer, you can also get absorbed in, get a lump in your throat and almost forget to photograph.

What I also loved to see was how close Florian and Sanne were with their large group of friends so there was a wonderful, positive energy throughout the day.

A day with so many beautiful speeches, so many little moments, so many lovely day guests AND a ping-pong table. What more could you want as a photographer ;)!


Later, Sanne and Florian also sent me this lovely review:

Marvin captured our day beautifully, exactly in the non-rigid, authentic way we wanted. Right from the first zoom meeting, we had a good feeling about it.

However, I have to admit that I was quite nervous when he came to our home in the morning to capture us getting ready. But it turned out that the nerves were for nothing. Without noticing it, beautiful pictures were taken and I did not feel uncomfortable for a moment. And so it went on all day.

There are beautiful pictures taken of angles that no one understands they did not see him with his camera. Funny little, sincere and real moments were captured that make me relive the day wonderfully when I look back at the photos.

Also, the book we had Marvin & Laurette create turned out beautifully and I enjoy flipping through it regularly. I can’t think of how it could have been better.

Sanne and Florian

Wedding photography Rijk van de Keizer

Wedding venue: Rijk van de Keizer

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