Mira & Ricardo

Wedding photography Parc Broekhuizen

On a beautiful sunny morning in May, I drove my car full of camera gear to Parc Broekhuizen, a country house in the woods of Leersum. Also the wedding location of Mira and Ricardo, who chose this place with consideration. I found Mira with her mother and aunt in a nice hotel room, while Ricardo was just about to say hello to her and go downstairs for breakfast with the men.

After a relaxed morning, during which I had time to do some more creative photography, Mira’s father first came into the room to see his beautiful daughter. Big hug, tears in eyes. I know how precious this moment must be for Mira, because her father has recently been ill and undergoing treatment. It was already great that he could be there all day.

Ricardo, meanwhile, was ready to see his Mira on the steps for the first time. An intimate moment, for which they took their time nicely. This allowed me to take some pictures from all sorts of angles.

The beautifully decorated ceremony hall was a beautiful setting for them to experience the official moment together.

After lots of hugs and warm words, a small party went to dinner and together they concluded their lovefest.

Mira sent me this note after receiving the first photos:

Hi Laurette,

I just don’t know what to say: what incredibly beautiful photos. How good you are at your job, unbelievable. I am moved, really beautiful to see back. Thank you! That also bodes well for the album. Again thank you so much for everything, it was incredibly nice to have you around all day and these first photos are even more beautiful than I could have dreamed.

Love, Mira

By Laurette.

Wedding photography Parc Broekhuizen

Wedding Location: Park Broekhuizen
Dress: Covers Utrecht
Cake: Bakery Amersfoort
Babs: Ilse de Zwart
Flowers: Floral Dreams

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