Guido & Simone

Wedding photography Mereveld Utrecht

Trouwfotografie Mereveld

Guido en Simone
Trouwfotografie Mereveld

For Guido and Simone, it was important to look at what could be done during the pandemic. The end result? A great wedding day full of love in a unique time.

Simone and Guido started the day full of energy, Simone a bit more tense by the way ;). But Guido didn’t keep it dry during the first look either!

After keeping our fingers crossed for dry weather, we were able to do a small photoshoot at Landgoed Beerschoten in Utrecht and when the rain broke, it was time for the ceremony inside Mereveld.

And then all the loving words that were spoken. Speeches by the mothers, vows full of emotion, but especially the personal blessing of Simone’s father will remain with us. Although the catering industry was closed, everyone could still enjoy sweets and champagne to-go :).

Once the ceremony was over, the double-decker bus was ready to transport everyone for a ride and a bite to eat, but above all to warm up for the drive-through reception.

Simone and Guido found a unique way to still invite all your guests by taking everyone in cars on a course with different activities, accompanied by live music and a good BBQ to-go! Meanwhile, the group of day guests completed the reception by holding a spontaneous little dance party in the open air.

What stays with us most is that these newlyweds continued to look for opportunities to celebrate their love. And they succeeded!

Did you know that we have now also won an international prize with this series of photos?

Wedding photography Mereveld Utrecht

Wedding location: Mereveld, Utrecht Make up: Pelgrim Hairstyling