Wedding Photography Leiden


Bas and Jannie did not celebrate their wedding day on one but on two days! The wedding day itself was in the heart of Leiden, with the ceremony at the beautiful town hall. The wedding day was full of emotion and it was great to see how the wedding day was celebrated with friends and family.

After the ceremony, we took a nice walk through the center of Leiden and we used the sunset for a real city photo shoot. Two weeks later I left for Leiden again, for a great party at Scheltema Leiden.


Wedding dress: La Bella Blanca, Zwolle
Earrings: Wouters en Hendrix, via Orangebag
Wedding suit: WKND Personal Tailoring
Flowers: Faas Est2016, Leiden
Wedding official: Marie-France
Party location: Scheltema Leiden // beveiligd met reCAPTCHA