Judith & Jaïr

Wedding photography Landgoed Rorik

They had an ecological site. They had a Spanish pinata. They had an evening ceremony with golden rays. And they had a really cool group of people. Judith and Jaïr celebrated their love feast in the way that completely suited them.

Landgoed Rorik in Beverwijk was the place they had chosen: a sustainable paradise with orchard, wine garden, meals from the vegetable garden, a mini-camping site and much more cool stuff.

Before the evening ceremony, there was plenty of time for games; from 30 seconds to whacking a pinata in the shape of a llama (or a horse?). Grandpa’s stick was used to hold the pinata and then go wild with a tray :D. Judith and Jaïr traveled through South America for several weeks before their wedding, so that must be where the idea of the pinata came from. It produced a lot of hilarity!

After a relaxed and sunny dinner, everyone walked toward the orchard for the evening ceremony. The golden rays of light contributed to a magical and emotional moment. There was music, humor and a beautiful blessing.

This wedding I found very impressive. In the photos you do not hear the personal speeches that were made, you hear no vows, no jokes and no congratulations. Still, I hope the images tell what it felt like. And that the looks and the hugs tell the story. Because that’s why we do it :).

By Laurette

Wedding photography Landgoed Rorik

Wedding Location: Rorik Estate
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