Daan & Mariëtte

Wedding photography Klooster Bethlehem

What a fine wedding! It had all the ingredients for a great day: Daan and Mariëtte (a sweet couple) and a large group of friends and family who were really looking forward to it and a beautiful wedding location (Klooster Bethlehem). It was a special day, not only because Daan and Mariëtte celebrated their love with a large group of family and friends, but also because their sweet little son was part of the ceremony (completely in a suit, of course).

The ceremony itself was super personal with beautiful speeches by a brother and sister and musical accompaniment by a friend. The look on Daan’s face when Mariëtte was given away by her father was wonderful to see. Afterwards, it was time for delicious summer drinks on the monastery’s outdoor terrace, where live music and beautiful speeches created a nice atmosphere.

Before everyone went to the table, there was an overall clothing change, how cool! Festive summer dresses and suits were swapped for chic evening gowns and black tie. During dinner, the personal but mostly funny speeches continued. It was one of those evenings where, as a photographer, you almost forget to eat because the beautiful moments unfold in such quick succession.

Of course, with such a beautiful day, the party had to be quite elaborate. Mariëtte’s father grabbed the saxophone for a fat solo and at the opening dance the roof popped off. As a photographer, this was a day I could only dream of and where 12 hours of photography flew by!

– By Marvin

Wedding photography Klooster Bethlehem

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