Jelle & Charon

Wedding photography Klarenbeek estate

We travel for weddings throughout the Netherlands, for us 1.5 hours in the car is no problem at all. Still, it’s also nice to find real gems of locations that are close to home. Like Landgoed Klarenbeek, a 15-minute drive from Apeldoorn!

I had met Jelle and Charon a year before and I felt then: this is going to be a great day! This wedding was celebrated with the whole group where there was attention to the dear families as well as all the dear friends.

The estate’s chapel (see the beautiful windows) was completely filled with all the guests, and after some emotional moments and personal words, it was time for summer drinks. As one beautiful speech after another passed by, we slowly moved after dinner. Meanwhile, the rumors about the opening dance were growing; would Jelle really have rehearsed something?

At the end of the day, we grabbed the last moments of sunlight during a short golden hour photo shoot and then the moment was finally there….. the opening dance! Those moves :)!

As the dance floor filled up with parents, friends and quite a few beers, I cleaned up my stuff to drive back to Apeldoorn via some farm trails. This was hopefully not the last time at Landgoed Klarenbeek!

Later, I received these fine words from Jelle via Google Review:

We used Marvin as our photographer at our wedding. From the first contact, it was a pleasure working with him. He made us feel at ease and thought through everything. Now we have received the photos and are impressed. How cool to be able to relive the day once again! We also get compliments on the photos from friends and family. We can only recommend it in every way!


Wedding photography Landgoed Klarenbeek

Wedding Location: Klarenbeek Estate

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