Koen & Lisette

Wedding photography Kasteel Heeze


The story of Koen and Lisette is one of a big smile. In the morning, before she saw Koen, Lisette was still nervous. She showed her trembling hands to me. But once she was united with Koen during the first look, they were impossible to separate. Once with the family, the bridal couple was warmly welcomed and a tear was shed.

Koen and Lisette raced together in their car to the fairytale Castle Heeze. The guests also slowly trickled in, before the ceremony began under the large trees. Koen and Lisette warmed themselves to all the sweet speeches and looked intensely happy after their vows.

The whole crowd moved to a pleasant castle square for a drink. After some jokes and fun from friends, all the guests dined extensively in a beautiful old upstairs location. The light came in beautifully and Marvin and I benefited from this a lot :).

And then something that Koen and Lisette were looking forward to at the party. And that was a good one! Especially the old friends of the student association and the club were looking forward to it. Even the parents took to the dance floor!

When we had already gone home, we heard that a whole group had gone to the Sharma place in the late hours. That would have been nice to record; a bride on a kebab sandwich 😉 Anyway, we look back on a very nice, warm wedding and we wish these two all the luck in the world.

Wedding photography Kasteel Heeze
Wedding location: Kasteel Heeze