Lotte + Bas

Wedding photography Kasteel Geldrop

Wedding photography Kasteel Geldrop

In the Bossen near Geldrop lies a fairytale castle with a beautiful orchard that Bas and Lotte fell in love with right away when picking their wedding location. When we arrived in the morning, we also marveled at all the greenery, antique buildings and glass greenhouses in the garden. Lotte and Bas both prepared them in a separate antique room. Extraordinary to see that they had written a sweet card for each other.

When Bas and Lotte first saw each other, Bas was quite surprised! Lotte was going to put on a short, casual dress but suddenly she had secretly arranged for another romantic dress. It was wonderful to see how they admired each other.

The moment of the ceremony arrived and even though they had known each other for seven years, it was still a beautiful emotional moment. Also for their families. Little daughter Guusje was out exploring and happily hobbling off every ten minutes, which caused chuckles from the guests. Fortunately, there were plenty of uncles, aunts and parents who brought her back.

And yes, then you are finally really married! That means hugs, warm words and toasts. The family stood around the bride and groom like a warm blanket.

During the group photos, I became very happy myself, because they deviated nicely from the standard group photos. There was much laughter and Bas’ father also enjoyed the “performance” sitting back in his chair.

To be completely included in the group at this wedding, Marvin and I both found heartwarming, another wonderful day to look back on.

Wedding Location: Kasteelhoeve Geldrop
Dress Lotte: Rembo Styling
Shoes Lotte: Peter Kaiser
Suit Bas: Suitable
Flowers: Farmer’s Flowers
Decorations and embellishments: DIY

Wedding photography Kasteel Geldrop // View our portfolio here.
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