Lenny + Elisabeth

Wedding photography Herentals


It is every time again cool to photograph not only Dutch couples but also Belgian couples. So did the stylish and grand wedding of Lenny and Elisabeth.
The day started with putting on the dress (or “robe” as they say in Belgium). Meanwhile, Lenny was already quite nervous, and not much later Lenny and Elisabeth saw each other for the first time, with dog Pippa of course not missing. The subsequent traditional church service was impressive, a real small orchestra with conductor and opera singer provided a beautiful ceremony.
Meanwhile, event agency By Gaspard transformed an old army hangar into a true work of art with one hall full of dinner tables for 350 day guests. While guests dined here, an Italian pavilion was built in the second shed with food stands, a great bar and a large stage.

So it was no surprise that after a delicious dinner and several personal speeches, the party went wild! This was a wedding day I won’t soon forget :).

Wedding Photography Herentals
Event agency:By Gaspard
movie: Jason Berkley Studios
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Laten we kennismaken.