Rick & Elisabeth

Wedding Photography Ferme du Père Louis

Whether I wanted to capture Rick and Elisabeth’s wedding during a wedding weekend in the Ardennes. And then also at an insane location that was high on my list: Ferme du Père Louis in Thirimont, Belgium. But of course, very much so!

What I love about wedding weekends is that it feels like a short family vacation. The guests are already relaxed, having arrived one or two days earlier. There are games, the surroundings have already been explored and no tight schedule is needed.

After a very nice first look, we went into the woods to take some pictures. Once back, I found two guests in the little pool, which I found hilarious. That’s really something you only encounter on wedding weekends! These unique moments are very telling of what the atmosphere was like and as a wedding photographer, I like to capture them (in addition to all the important moments) so that the reportage becomes a personal story.

With dark clouds in the background, Rick and Elisabeth said “yes” to each other. They spoke sweet words and a love song was even sung by Elisabeth.

And then one of my favorite photos comes up: the aerial shot while everyone is enjoying the cake. You see all the guests chatting with each other and eating the cake, children running around and all in a beautiful place.

I do understand the choice of a wedding weekend. Marvin and I also chose that when we got married. You have more time to enjoy with each other and at the same time it is a mini vacation in which to get married. Making precious memories together.

By Laurette

Through Google Reviews, I also received these beautiful words from Elisabeth and Rick:

We are extremely impressed with the professionalism of De Kievit Bruiloften. The preliminary process, the introduction and coordination was already very pleasant and clear.

Laurette took photos during our wedding. Very cozy to have her there during our day and at some moments you were sort of invisible yet very close (as the photos showed, because during the day we didn’t realize it at all).

When we saw the photos afterwards, we were extremely happy and surprised that she was able to capture certain moments from different perspectives at the same time. Great work. Through a software tool we were able to easily share the photos with the guests, many people were impressed with the photos.

Capturing by story telling, she is a genius at that. Keep up the good work!


Wedding Photography Ferme du Père Louis

Wedding Location: Wedding Photography Ferme du Père Louis
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