Marieke & Albert

Wedding photography Dordrecht

The old center of Dordrecht was a beautiful backdrop for this wonderful day, no amount of rain could beat that. When I spoke to Albert and Marieke, it quickly became clear that they wanted to bring out their love for the city of Dordrecht. Well, that worked out well. Walking and boating, we passed by the most beautiful spots for a truly Dordrecht wedding.

The day began with hair and makeup in a room at Villa Augustus. After the preparations, it was time for the first look in the Garden of Villa Augustus, where we also quickly shot some group photos. What a nice garden to be able to work in, the day started well :).

Then we left by boat from the pier at Villa Augustus to City Hall. This was a surprise to the guests, who thought they were coming by car. Should you ever want to book a canal cruise in Dordrecht, be sure to book Si Barone!

In Dordrecht’s old city hall was the civil wedding, although the bubble blowing exit was just a little more fun for me to photograph ;).

Then the party walked to Nobel’s for cake, coffee and hugs (and of course I grabbed a piece of carrot cake myself). Then we left for Trinitatis Chapel where a beautiful, personal service took place full of music and beautiful words.

Where in the afternoon bubble blowing was still used, Albert and Marieke were now showered with confetti. Then to walk over to Blue Birds in the Backyard. Here it was a succession of speeches, good food and a good party. That last party picture, you want to be there, right?

By Marvin

Wedding photography Dordrecht

Preparations: Villa Augustus
Church Service: Trinitatis Chapel
Party Venue: Blue Birds in the Backyard
Canal tour Dordrecht: Si Barone

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