Kim + Sylvester

Wedding Photography Dordrecht


What a party for Kim and Sylvester, not only is Kim pregnant but they also celebrated their wedding last May! Surrounded by family and friends, it was a special day to capture.

The day started for Sylvester in a hotel where he started his preparations with his brother and best friends, while Kim’s family slowly arrived. The first meeting immediately showed how crazy this bridal couple is about each other! Of course Sjaakie the rabbit could not be missed.

The wedding then took us to various places in Dordrecht: the Elzen nature reserve, the old town hall, and the city center of Dordt. After these moments, it was time for a relaxed afternoon and a great party in the Wantij pavilion. With a Grease act, among other things, the party went through the roof during this wonderful summer evening.

Wedding photographer Dordrecht //
As a wedding photographer I have been able to photograph a lot in Dordrecht. The old streets, the town hall, Dordtyart, the Energiehuis, and of course Villa Augustus and the surrounding nature reserve are all great places to photograph :).