Stephan & Araceli

Wedding photography De Zuileshoeve Dordrecht

Trouwfotografie De Zuileshoeve Dordrecht

Usually our brides and grooms find us through-via, sometimes through Google and Instagram and sometimes … you’ve been on the basketball court with each other for years :).

Stephan and I (Marvin) are real childhood friends, we played basketball together, filled boxes at the Super de Boer (yes it still existed then) and made the pub unsafe every Saturday. So when Stephan asked me to photograph at his wedding, I knew immediately, this is what I must do!

Of course Stephan didn’t get married alone ;). Because a few years ago he met Araceli in Mexico, the perfect match if I say so myself. Because this mixed Mexican-Dutch wedding was …. crazy!

The couple has been living together in Dordrecht for some time, so the city was really the focal point. With a wedding ceremony right in the middle of the Biesbosch and a party right in the center, it’s safe to say that everyone saw Dordt well.

The vibe on the day was delightful, beautiful Spanish speeches, intense hugs, rock hard banging on the dance floor, luchador masks and lots . lots of. tequila. On top of that, all my old basketball buddies were among the day’s guests… yes, this was a party I won’t soon forget :).

Oh yes and additional tip from me (and the bride and groom); the extraordinary officiant Sophia who, as babs, handled the wedding ceremony in both Dutch and Spanish!

Recommendations from the bride and groom:
Wedding Location: The Zuileshoeve
Dinner: Restaurant The Poacher
Ceremony speaker: wedding tabs Sophia
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