Bas + Karin

Wedding photography Camping Lievelinge

Wedding photography Camping Lievelinge

Sleeping in a Mongolian yurt and then ushering in your wedding day with it; Karin and Bas just did it. Together with their children, they stay at a kind of hippie campground filled with old American RVs, teepees and tree houses. Truly a paradise for their children and also plenty for adults to marvel at.

Karin got ready with her kids in a glass house, while Bas (after a game of soccer with the men) put on his suit in the yurt. Even though they have known each other for 13 years, the first time they saw each other in full view made all those years briefly fade away.

Karin’s father was also able to attend and had the solemn task of giving his daughter away. Meanwhile, daughter Saar was already starting to yawn, but none of that mattered. The vows were spoken so beautifully and thoughtfully that we too sat and listened with goosebumps.

And with a wedding like this comes a carousel, of course! Bas is eager for a spin and Marvin also clambered into a chair (it just fit) to take pictures of it. A few minutes later he came out of the carousel nauseous and giddy (all for the photo ;-)).

In the afternoon, drinks were enjoyed and then everyone moved to the dance floor. That was very atmospheric because of the old, round mirror tent.

As we said goodbye to the bride and groom, the party continued in full swing and we looked at each other with satisfaction: the cameras were once again filled with thousands of beautiful moments.

Wedding Location: Camping Lievelinge Hair & Make-up: Marielle Boons Bridal Bouquet: V&V Bloemen en Wonen Wedding photography Camping Lievelinge // View our portfolio here
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