Maartje & Frerik

Wedding photography Beauforthuis Austerlitz

Music. That was what Frerik and Maartje (with baby daughter) paid a lot of attention to at their wedding. Frerik is a producer coming from the classical music world and it was very noticeable on this day! Maartje also comes from a musical nest, so it is no surprise that musical notes were richly represented.

Their first meeting at the beginning of the wedding was at the church in Zeist where Frerik often had CD recordings. And during the ceremony, there were several moments where music was also given a role. The beautiful sounds of the Cello Octet ensemble played through the forest, as did those of an acoustic duo. Goosebumps!

At the end of the day a real podcast was recorded, which I thought was a very unique idea. The evening was again filled with music (pieces) to which all the day’s guests happily joined in. A very loving and joyful day to be a part of!

F&M wrote a heartwarming review after delivering the photo shoot:

Laurette from De Kievit Bruiloften did a photo shoot of our wedding at the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz May of this year. Even in the preliminary video calls we had with her, we felt completely at ease.

During those conversations, she really took the time for us, which made us feel that we could properly share our personality and taste in terms of photography with her. The phone contact moments flew by because they were very “easy-going” and full of humor. She made us feel like we had actually known each other for years.

On the wedding day itself Laurette was a “fly on the wall,” we hardly noticed her presence as she very discreetly placed herself in the background all the time. When we got the photos, however, we were amazed at how agile she apparently was that day, because of all the key moments, there were diverse and very tastefully chosen camera angles.

It was hard to believe that she had managed this on her own and that there was not another photographer around.

Laurettes input at the beginning of the day, where we did a photo shoot inside and outside in the woods in a smaller setting, was actually very much in the foreground and this likewise produced some fantastic material. Artistically she played with the light that e.g. came in through stained glass windows and made use of some of the archtiectonic elements of the church building and we are amazingly handsome as a result.

In a nearby forest area, she did a beautiful short shoot still with us in a very tight time frame. Not a single moment did we experience stress on her part in the process.

Therefore, the final results do not lie: a brilliant, varied and often moving visual story with relaxed people, unaware of the camera. The picture quality is very nice, with natural colors and very high contrast.

By Laurette

Wedding photography Beauforthuis Austerlitz

Wedding Location: Wedding Photography Beauforthuis Austerlitz

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