Chris & Maria

Wedding photographer Utrecht

Christiaan & Maria
Wedding photographer Utrecht

This was such a lovely wedding. One of those weddings where it’s all about being together with family and friends, and everyone walked around with a big smile all day. No raindrop could withstand that .

Of course, the sudden downpour did provide some fun footage, as Marvin just kept shooting. Even if to do so he had to hold a slightly too small panther-print umbrella over his head while photographing (no, there are no images of this, unfortunately).

After we completed the ceremony inside, the sun began to shine again outside for drinks under the fruit trees on the grass of Dengh restaurant. We ended the day with a delicious dinner and hilarious speeches and even a sneaky dance .

Wedding photographer Utrecht

Wedding venue: Dengh Restaurant
We love coming to Utrecht; this is where Laurette and I even met! We are now also familiar with a number of fine wedding venues. For example, we have also been to Mereveld this year and were at Dengh in 2019.
Laten we kennismaken.