Eva & Sander

Wedding at the Hazelhof

A wedding is so much more than a yes or no. Apart from the ceremony, so many golden moments arise, such as during Eva’s preparations. Together with her mother, she experienced the morning very consciously. The sun was shining beautifully inside, her beloved birds were allowed out of their cage for a little while (and then almost didn’t want to go back in), and Eva’s mother presented a beautiful photo album that she had kept since the moment her daughter was born. Already so much love before she was picked up by her Sander.

By the way, the men’s team was also at peace. Sander prepared at a friend’s house while enjoying a good board game. Two places, two people, bathed in sunlight.

For me, the second golden moment is Eva’s father’s reaction when he sees her. Goosebumps. So this is what happens when you are a daddy’s boy and you are waiting for him in the most beautiful dress in the world. Don’t think I’m photographing with dry eyes then!

The Hazelhof was where Eva and Sander spent the rest of the day with their guests. Dining under a canopy, shooting in the sunshine and catching up with all the friends who arrived. The ceremony felt intimate and joyful and was located in the beautiful greenhouse. And why not use that enchanting place right away for the party?

Speaking of golden moments, see the look of Eva’s father during their opening dance?

We asked Eva and Sander to write a review about our work and the photo shoot:

‘What a pleasure it was to have Laurette as our photographer on our wedding day! She immediately created a relaxed atmosphere, both during the preparations and during the shoot together. The rest of the day she captured all the moments beautifully spontaneously. She did a super nice job with the light and the atmosphere splashes off the photos, we are really thrilled with them! Not only do we think so ourselves, our family is completely in love with the photos. And our BABS still let us know: I completely understand your choice of photographer. How well she knows how to capture the atmosphere.

Laurette, thanks again immensely!

By Laurette

Wedding at the Hazelhof

Wedding venue: The Hazelhof
Catering: Heerlijk & Hecht
Makeup: The Beautiful You
Babs: Ellen Beusen

Laten we kennismaken.