Tielke & Stef

Wedding at Rijk van de Keizer

Tielke & Stef
Wedding Rijk van de Keizer

Stef and Tielke’s wedding was one of those days where everything came together. Beautiful light, a great location, fine people and bins of love. Tielke and Stef’s reaction after seeing the photos describes exactly what made this day so much fun to capture:

What craftsmanship! Everything is right: the most important people he has captured, beautiful light, every corner is perfect. The photos are all beautiful and we were so moved when we first saw them. We are very satisfied with Marvin! Also on the day itself Marvin was a nice person to have there, he did not direct us but followed the event and captured the most important moments and people. Beforehand, I was very unsure about a Photographer/Videographer or both. In the end, both fixed the wedding. I had thought I would especially watch the video back quickly, but I didn’t. I get the feeling of the day back much more with the photos!

Stef & Tielke

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