Our adventure through the land of colors, coffee and Cocoravalley

Travel photography Colombia

“Colombia, is that safe now?” We got that question a few times in the months before we flew to South America. The country does not have the best reputation in the past, but we as tourists noticed almost nothing of that. Rather the opposite: extremely warm and friendly people welcomed us to colorful Colombia.

Colombia is big. Very big. We had to make choices in the three weeks we were there. We started in the capital Bogot√° and then continued to central Colombia, to the mountains and the Cocora Valley. In the morning at 6:00am we grabbed the jeep (a Willy, see the picture of the guy with a billie;)) to the Cocora area for an early hike. Eventually we arrived at the familiar view with towering palm trees. This was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever made: the combination of palm trees and mountains was breathtaking. I myself even got Marvin on a horse. By the way, we’ll leave out the fact that we both got deathly ill from the food ;).

Through the crazy coastlines of Tayrona National Park and nature to the north, we traveled toward the Caribbean city of Cartagena. What a photogenic city this is! I went all out with the camera on the overgrown and colored doors and windows. It was exactly what you expect from a Caribbean vibe: relaxed and warm.

Tip: Before traveling to Colombia, watch the series Narcos on Netflix. This gives you just a little more knowledge about the history and it’s fun to recognize places from the series.

By Laurette

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