Wouter & Maureen

Photoshoot Apeldoorn


‘No, we are very awkward in pictures. So you guys do have to help us,” Wouter and Maureen said. And we hear that often ;). But that’s not bad at all. We told just before shooting that it is better to let that awkward feeling be there, too. And then it will work itself out. We build up a photo shoot very quietly, sometimes with crazy assignments in between to break the ice. In this way we hope that you can just be yourselves and have a nice evening too.

The four of us went to Kroondomein ‘t Loo, a wooded area with some heather as well. Wouter and Maureen are mega fit (Marvin knows them through crossfit) so we had them do some running back and forth as well. Later we lowered the energy and focused a little more on their love. Look how well they did!

Laten we kennismaken.