Our summer update

Our summer update

Wow, what a bizarre six months we have had. Right after our return home from India and Sri-Lanka, we had a completely full schedule of more than 40 weddings. It would be the busiest and biggest year yet. That turned out differently.

In two weeks, our calendar emptied rapidly. Marvin’s phone didn’t stand still because of all the changes, and exciting weeks followed during which we were unable to work for three months.

But in the meantime, we were not sitting still. Thus, we used this time to update our website and bought new cameras which we tested extensively. In addition, Marvin really tinkered in the garden for the first time, Laurette’s plant collection got even bigger and we never had such a tidy house together.

Fortunately, together with our couples, we found new wedding dates where we can still capture the day. It’s super nice to be able to take over each other’s weddings in the process, too! Thus another mini wedding season with 20 weddings arose, which we are now in the middle of. What at first seemed impossible still worked out!

So we can’t wait to share with you the work we are creating these weeks. Meanwhile, our photo shoot action also continues and we are again busy making new plans.

The moves and new bookings also mean that 2021 is already going to be a great year full of beautiful moments where love will be celebrated.

Laurette & Marvin

Laten we kennismaken.