2021 favorites

Our favorite photos of 2021

Wow, what an incredible two years it has been. It began for us (and, of course, for everyone else) with quite a shock in March ’20 when our calendar ran half empty in two weeks.

After that it has been trial and error, sometimes it was like covid wasn’t there for a while and sometimes it was pretty tough. But what has stayed with us most of all are all the sweet couples who continued to believe in love.

Because what wonderful weddings we have been able to photograph over the past two years. There were 22 in 2020 and as many as 42 in ’21, a record!

Each couple celebrated in their own way, taking into account the measures, but above all, with love and joy. This love we were allowed to capture confidently, that’s what we do it for!

Making a selection from 64 weddings and nearly 30,000 images is obviously an impossible task, but we did our best to list our personal favorites.

Thanks again to all the lovely brides and grooms who trusted us and made it possible for us to continue photographing weddings next year in good spirits. With an agenda that is already almost full, we are sure it will work out! Want to know if we are still available on your wedding date? Send us a message soon. 

Curious about our favorite photos? Then check them out in the slideshow above or scroll down for all the individual images!

Laten we kennismaken.