Favorite 2018 photos

Our favorite photos of 2018

2018 // I’ve had many beautiful wedding seasons, but my eighth year as a wedding photographer was definitely the coolest year yet! Thanks to an intensive three-day workshop at the beginning of this year, I gained valuable insights into how to create even more complete wedding photography for my bridal couples. I was able to use these lessons during the wedding season! In addition, my wife Laurette has also joined me to form the Kievit Weddings team together!

The weddings took me to many new places. For example, this year I photographed a lot in the Randstad, Utrecht, and Brabant, but also in Amsterdam, Groningen, Flanders, and Tuscany. I am extremely grateful to all 28 bridal couples that I could be part of their special weddings.

This year I took over 120,000 photos and edited and shared exactly 15,914 photos! Showing all 15,000 photos is a bit too much, so I have collected my personal favorites.