Linda + Jelle

Loveshoot Roosendaal

Linda + Jelle

Meet Linda and Jelle. Two sweethearts from Roosendaal and madly in love for four years. They really wanted to have a fun photo shoot sometime, only there was one problem: they both found something like that quite awkward beforehand!

Fortunately, they already came up with a solution themselves; what if we do a photo shoot that includes all kinds of humor and crazy actions? Then we are less concerned with the camera and more concerned with each other. Marvin and I thought that was a top plan and together we set out.

A no-mercy pillow fight, together in a foaming bath and that wasn’t all; even water balloons and supersoakers were brought out. If Linda and Jelle weren’t laughing the loudest, we were. And in between, there was even an opportunity for some romantic photos.

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Laten we kennismaken.