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Linda + Jelle

Loveshoot Roosendaal

loveshoot Roosendaal

Linda + Jelle

Meet Linda and Jelle. Two sweethearts from Roosendaal and crazy about each other for four years. They wanted to have a nice photoshoot made, only there was one problem: they both thought something like that would be quite awkward!

Fortunately, they already came up with a solution themselves; what if we do a photo shoot with all kinds of humor and crazy actions? Then we spend less time with the camera and more with each other. Marvin and I thought that was a great plan and together we hit the road.

A no-mercy pillow fight, together in a foamy bath, and that wasn’t all; even water balloons and super soakers were brought out. If Linda and Jelle didn’t laugh the loudest, it was us. And in between, there was even an opportunity for some romantic photos.

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