Journalistic wedding photography

Journalistic wedding photographer // As a photographer, we look for the most beautiful moments at the wedding. Not just the photo shoot and the vows, but the moments you don’t expect in advance. Real moments of joy and happiness with your family and friends that become more valuable every year.

journalistic wedding photography

From the preparations and ceremony to dinner, the party and the beautiful moments in between. As a wedding photographer, we capture the story of your wedding. We photograph the bride and groom as they get ready for the day: his look when he sees her for the first time, friends' laughter at a speech, proud parents, children snacking on the cake and grandparents shining on the dance floor.

When we photograph your wedding, we work quietly and in the background, focusing on the stories, emotions and real moments.

Journalistieke bruidsfotografie

What is journalistic wedding photography?

Journalistic wedding photography is a form of photography in which the photographer captures the most important moments of a wedding in a reportage-like manner. This is mainly about capturing real emotions, stories and moments and less about the posed photos.

Therefore, as a photographer, you work unobtrusively to capture the right moments without drawing attention to the camera.
Journalistic wedding photography focuses on capturing the emotions and stories of the bride and groom and guests, and portrays a true picture of the wedding.

It is a style that focuses heavily on documentary photography and capturing real moments and stories, rather than creating controlled images. As a result, the photos that are taken are not only beautiful, but more importantly emotionally valuable and a true memory of the day.


Our awards in journalistic wedding photography

In recent years, we have won quite a few awards in the biggest domestic and international photography competitions.

In the Benelux, we have already won more than 25 awards in the Masters competition.

We are most proud of our 5 Story Awards at the largest international competition for journalistic wedding photography: This is Reportage.

Recent journalistic photo awards

How do we go about our work as journalistic wedding photographers?

A wedding through our eyes.

As we sit in the car toward your wedding, this word is always in our heads: connection. The most essential thing at a wedding are all the connections you formed as a bride and groom and with your guests. This results in beautiful, funny, and emotional moments that you want to remember, and we capture them as well as possible through our lenses with a narrative approach. Throughout the day, we pay attention to how the light falls (it’s more important than you think!), where the beautiful moments are, and how we can capture it all in one frame. It is with this focus that we begin your wedding.

The day almost always begins with preparations, where we pay attention to moments between you and the people you hold dear. We as photographers are often the only strangers on your wedding day. Therefore, at the beginning of the day, between preparations, we try to connect with the people who are there, so that they forget about us as soon as possible and enjoy your wedding uninhibited. What helps with that is that we direct as little as possible and let everything happen naturally. We call it ‘fly on the wall’. This method ensures that we can capture your day as it really is.

During the photo shoot and any group photos, it’s a different story: then, of course, we’ll help you! We give instructions for good poses and sometimes throw in a joke or an assignment when needed. Together we make it a nice moment where you can enjoy the peace and each other’s presence.

Time flies and then the ceremony begins, perhaps the most exciting moment on the day. We make sure that we capture your arrival, your vows, and your love for each other, but not only that. As you listen to-and laugh at-the speaker(s), we see the emotions on the faces of your guests. We see the surroundings, that one little niece who runs away, and the good friend who quickly writes his speech.

We want to capture these unexpected moments as best we can for you, telling a complete story about your wedding. Why? Because it tells exactly who you are, what is valuable and how unique your wedding day is.

Time for cake and drinks! We move among the different groups of guests and attentively capture the atmosphere. Images of details alternate with enjoying guests and hugs you hand out to anyone who wants them. Once the evening turns into dinner, we focus on fine moments between meals, such as speeches, and set up the extra flash for the dance party. We prefer to eat near the guest room, so that we can keep an eye on them while we eat something ourselves. Of course, we don’t want to miss anything!

The party is one big mix of dancing guests (maybe an opening dance from you guys?) among which we are moving. We ourselves like to dance, so we sometimes just join in ;). With additional flash, we create dynamic party images that are well-exposed and bring a lot of atmosphere. When the time is up we will come to you to say goodbye and then drive back home in the car satisfied.

Who are we?

We first walked hand in hand in Utrecht where Laurette lived at the time. Along the canal we ate a Dutch "pepernoten" pie and voilá: our love blossomed! Eventually we ended up in Apeldoorn, near our families.

Marvin started wedding photography 12 years ago. His enthusiasm was so infectious that Laurette started photographing as well, and we are now 350 weddings down the road. As a married couple, we know better than anyone how valuable a wedding day is, which is why we have been passionately capturing love stories for others for years.

We are both independent wedding photographers, so we usually work separately. Would you like to have two photographers at your wedding? Then, of course, we come together!

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What others think of us

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What others think of us

Recent journalistic wedding photography

Below you can see some of our recent reports. Are you curious about the rest of our work? Then check out our portfolio.

Trouwfotografie Kasteel Wijenburg 23

Gijs & Lieke

My favorite moment was the surprise at dinner, when everyone put on a cat mask as a surprise....
Bruidsfotografie Landgoed Vollenhoven 15

Noor & Jelle

From the beginning, it felt like I was photographing at friends' weddings - so relaxed!
Trouwfotografie De Zuileshoeve Dordrecht

Stephan & Araceli

Usually our brides and grooms find us through-via, sometimes through Google and sometimes ... have been on the basketball court with each other for years :).

Prices journalistic wedding photography

What does it cost if one of us comes to photograph your wedding?

Wedding photography starts at €1995. This includes:

  • 6 hours of photography by Marvin or Laurette.
  • At least 300 edited high-resolution photos within 4 weeks of the wedding.
  • A little preview right after the wedding.
  • A short slideshow with the highlights of your wedding day.
  • An online gallery with your photos to easily share with friends and family.
  • A 20×15 centimeter fine art photo album with 20 pages.
  • Travel expenses throughout the Netherlands and Flanders.

The reportage can be extended for €125 per hour. On average, we spend about 8 to 12 hours providing a complete record of the wedding day.

Is a journalistic wedding photographer right for your wedding?

With the wedding photos we take, we tell the story of your wedding. For a story with a beginning, middle and end, we prefer to photograph from the preparations to the party. On average, we spend between 8 and 12 hours during a wedding for this purpose.

During our first meeting we will discuss your needs and the planning for the wedding. Based on that, we will give you an advice for the best interpretation of your wedding reportage. If you are excited, then one of us is your wedding photographer!

If you would like to know more about our approach and availability, please feel free to contact us.

Journalistieke bruidsfotografie


Check our availability and over a cup of coffee, we would love to hear more about your love story and maybe become your storytellers.

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