How do we photograph weddings?

With a lot of passion! We almost always come home with dirty clothes, because we will give anything for the best pictures. And you are reaping the benefits of that. Below you can read what you can expect from us at your wedding.

We believe in our approach and philosophy and have deliberately described them in detail below. Would you rather see our photos? Then check out these series below or go to our portfolio.

What is the process beforehand?

We are happy to invite you to our home or through an online conversation to get to know each other: it is important for us to know who we have in front of us, so that we can later photograph as personally as possible. How did you get to know each other? What is important to you? How do you envision the wedding?

If you come to our home, we would love to show you our handmade fine art wedding albums; just a sneak peek at what it’s like when your love story is printed from start to finish.

In the months leading up to the wedding, we like to collaborate with you and when the big day is approaching, one of us will get in touch with you to prepare for the wedding day as well as possible.
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Do you have questions you’d like to ask us personally? Above all, do not hesitate to contact us!

During the wedding.

As we sit in the car toward your wedding, this word is always in our heads: connection. The most essential thing at a wedding are all the connections you formed as a bride and groom and with your guests. This results in beautiful, funny, and emotional moments that you want to remember, and we capture them as well as possible through our lenses with a narrative approach. Throughout the day, we pay attention to how the light falls (it’s more important than you think!), where the beautiful moments are, and how we can capture it all in one frame. It is with this focus that we begin your wedding.

The day almost always begins with preparations, where we pay attention to moments between you and the people you hold dear. We as photographers are often the only strangers on your wedding day. Therefore, at the beginning of the day, between preparations, we try to connect with the people who are there so that they forget about us as soon as possible and enjoy your wedding uninhibitedly. What helps with this is that we direct as little as possible and let everything happen. Fly on the wall we call it. This method ensures that we can capture your day as it really is.

During the photo shoot and any group photos, it’s a different story: then, of course, we’ll help you! We give instructions for good poses and sometimes throw in a joke or an assignment when needed. Together we make it a nice moment where you can enjoy the peace and each other’s presence.

Time flies and then the ceremony begins, perhaps the most exciting moment on the day. We make sure that we capture your arrival, your vows, and your love for each other, but not only that. As you listen to-and laugh at-the speaker(s), we see the emotions on the faces of your guests. We see the surroundings, that one little niece who runs away, and the good friend who quickly writes his speech. We want to capture these unexpected moments as best we can for you, telling a complete story about your wedding. Why? Because it tells exactly who you are, what is valuable and how unique your wedding day is.

Time for cake and drinks! We move among the different groups of guests and attentively capture the atmosphere. Images of details alternate with enjoying guests and hugs you hand out to anyone who wants them. Once the evening turns into dinner, we focus on fine moments between meals, such as speeches, and set up the extra flash for the dance party. We prefer to eat near the guest room, so that we can keep an eye on them while we eat something ourselves. Of course, we don’t want to miss anything!

The party is one big mix of dancing guests (maybe an opening dance from you guys?) among which we are moving. We ourselves like to dance, so we sometimes just join in ;). With additional flash, we create dynamic party images that are well-exposed and bring a lot of atmosphere. When the time is up we will come to you to say goodbye and then drive back home in the car satisfied.

And after the wedding?

A few days after your wedding we will send a preview; a few photos to look forward to the rest and to forward to whomever you wish.

Then we start selecting all the good photos, which Marvin then edits in a natural way. This way, the photos truly come to life, without any crazy filters, so that they are still beautiful after 25 years. And all the photos that Marvin edits in black and white, you will also receive in color.

Within four weeks you will receive the complete wedding coverage with at least 300 edited photos via an online gallery, including a short slideshow. Meanwhile, we begin the design of the wedding album. A timeless, unique document as your day really was. Cherish it.

Sweet words.

We can absolutely recommend Laurette for any wedding. We are extremely happy with all the photos, exactly as we envisioned.

We ourselves are not very photogenic and feel a bit uncomfortable being the center of attention. But Laurette guided us in a nice, calm way during all the photo moments. With a great end result!

Dennis & Sanne

Absolutely the best wedding photographer you can have. We had the pleasure of having Marvin capture our wedding.

Professional, relaxed and, above all, fun. Even from friends and family we still get to hear that they laughed with Marvin and that they think they look so beautiful in the photo. We got great pictures out of it and we would recommend Marvin to anyone.

Vera & Erik

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