Thomas & Lisanne

Getting married in Leiden

“What did you think was a unique wedding venue? I get that question a lot! And since last summer I answer every time with: “Thomas and Lisanne’s high school!”

Because how cool is it to get married in the high school where you met? Thomas and Lisanne arranged it. As true high school lovers, they managed to organize a grand ceremony in the beautiful auditorium of the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden.

The final preparations took place in the biology classroom and, of course, the schoolyard could not be missing as a backdrop, so a true festival area was built there with food trucks and a marquee.

To complete the Leiden feeling, we not only took a canal cruise at the beginning of the day but also closed at the one and only Scheltema for a delicious party!

By Marvin

Getting married in Leiden

Wedding venue: Urban Gymnasium Party location: Scheltema Leiden We love coming to Leiden and know the streets like the back of our hand, check out more wedding photos from Leiden here.
Laten we kennismaken.