Tomas & Annabel

Getting Married at Dengh

Warning! Here are a lot of pictures below! It was super hard to make a small selection for this blog. We would love to show all 678 photos we delivered to this sweet couple, but we’re not going to do that to you ;).

From moment one, the atmosphere was right there. And who cares about a self refurbished boat as an entrance to all your day guests? As you can see from the photos, the day was full of such personal details and beautiful settings.

Much more enjoyable than all this beauty was the energy this group had. What a nice atmosphere! For us, really a gift to capture.

Less than 24 hours after we sent the photos, we received this flood of sweet messages from Tomas and Annabel:

We just looked at all the pictures! They are really great! ❤️ We are extremely happy with it and completely overwhelmed by how many beautiful things there are among them! So many incredibly fun moments from everyone! Thank you so much!!!! And there are so many that we are far from having seen everything really well haha! But lots of aaaa that’s beautiful and oeeee’s have passed! We’re going to show it off to a lot of people in the near future! ☺️

We really can’t stop watching for the next week I think! Haha! So happy with you guys!!!

Really so incredibly happy! Also lots of cool creative photos and how you used the light, really soooo beautiful! It’s going to be tricky, that selection for the book haha!

We think it is so special how everything has come together and that we see it coming back more beautiful than ever imagined. We are going back to reminiscing like this!

By Marvin

Wedding venue: Dengh Restaurant

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