Marvin & Laurette

We may seem a bit serious, but we’re secretly crazy. Besides having fun, we have big dreams and we are go-getters. This is also apparent from the fact that we met on Tinder, lived together six months later and got married within two years!

Why wedding photography?

Simple, we love love stories. It is always special to capture beautiful moments through our lens. We are honored to capture precious moments for you so that the memories stay alive.

Laurette on Marvin

From an IT background, but through photography he discovered that he loves weddings. Marvin thinks wedding photography is the best profession there is. Marvin is the introverted of us two, but still waters run deep. He likes to coach himself by reading books and he is learning Japanese. He has traveled a lot in recent years, but he is now more focused on everyday life and enjoys it immensely. He even let me persuade him to go camping, so the wonders are not over yet! Marvin is the great love in my life and together we can take on the whole world.
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Marvin about Laurette

Where I choose security, Laurette chooses adventure. She went to Boko Haram area for a television report when she was 23, but she’s actually happiest in her 1980s caravan. She is an all-round creative person and secretly also very strong, because nine times out of ten she wins at frolic. With her spontaneity she brings a good dose of happiness and love into my life. As a child she loved to write stories, which she probably inherited from her brilliant theatrical mother. Now she prefers to create visual stories, where she captures special moments. It is precisely the funny and sweet ‘in-between moments’ at weddings that Laurette likes the most.


Photos stand out at every wedding: our personal favorites. We submit these photos to the major photo competitions and have won several awards in recent years. Of course, the reaction of a bridal couple to a complete series of photos remains the real crown on our work.

We have won awards at the international This is Reportage competition, the Masters Benelux and the annual Bridal Photo Awards.

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Check our availability and while enjoying a cup of coffee we would like to hear more about your love story and maybe we will become you storytellers.